SAM Golden Anniversary Gathering And 2018 Champs

23 rd to 28 th September at the AMA International Flying Site

April 22nd Update

The SAM Champs this year is going to be a celebration of fifty years of building and flying antique model airplanes, September 23-28, 2018 at the AMA International Flying Site in Muncie, Indiana.

Registration for the SAM Champs will be at the McCullough room Sunday, September 23rd at 2pm. If you would like to come earlier, MECA is having a Collecto from 8am to 1pm in the McCullough room. See and download the Entry Form Here.

Sunday evening there will be light food and drinks provided at the registration. The AMA has been very generous in letting us use the room from Sunday through Thursday, giving us a place to gather and socialize in the evenings.

Wednesday evening we have the Concourse, Swap Meet and Engine Raffle.

Hopefully you have built a new plane and plan to show it off on Wednesday. Bob Galler is in charge of the concourse. We also hope to have some participation by the Flying Aces group in the Concourse.

You can buy Engine Raffle tickets when you register or you can buy them from Ron Boots if you don’t plan to attend the 50 th and of course, you can buy tickets at the SAM Champs. This has been a win-win for SAM and the membership. If you have any engines to donate, contact Ron Boots at the email listed below. With the lower entry fee, you can afford to buy some raffle tickets and help offset the cost of the Champs.

This year the SAM board has decided to give all the members who want to participate in the 50 th celebration a really great deal! Your entry fee is going to be capped at $20 and the Awards Banquet at the Delaware Country Club just $30. And yes, your lunches and evening social times come with the deal at no cost to you. That means you can fly all week, and enjoy the banquet at the beautiful Delaware Country Club for a total of just $50.

For the SAM Champs 50 th we have a woodworking member of SAM making up some really nice participation plaques in solid walnut, with a beautiful logo done by Luther Peters’ daughter Dawn Burrows. If you get your registration in soon enough, your name will be added to the plaque. There are only seventy of these custom plaques, so get your entry form in early so you don’t miss out.

If you have any scrap books or photo albums of past SAM Champs events, feel free to bring them. We can display them during the social evenings. We are also working on a collection of home movies to show in the McCullough room. If you have any movies of SAM events and would like to share and show them, contact Tom Ryan at the email address below. He plans to redo old super eight or other older movie formats onto a CD or thumb drive. If this goes over well, we could possibly make these available to the membership.

My goal as your contest manager is to get as many members as possible to the 50 th SAM Champs in Muncie. The SAM board has done its part to encourage members to come and participate. So please do your part! Come fly, come fun fly, come socialize, meet old friends, make new friends, honor past pilots, and enjoy the week. Help us celebrate this golden anniversary and make the 50 th a memorable one for all!

The free flight CD is going to be Ted Firster. If you look closely at his schedule, the contestants have two choices on how they want to schedule their flying days. This was done to attract as many pilots as possible.

The Flying Aces Club will be sharing the field on Thursday and Friday. We hope to have some crossover in both groups. If you have any questions on the free flight schedule or rules, you can contact Ted Firster at the email provided on the entry form or at the email listed below.

The RC group will have Glen Poole as CD and Tom Boice as assistant CD. This year you will notice a few changes. The Nostalgia event has been dropped with the new rules on the cutoff date of 1951. Most of these planes can now be flown in regular limited engine run events.

1/2A scale has been added to 1/2A Texaco. If we can get five contestants who are interested in flying 1/2A scale, we would be glad to add it back to the schedule on Friday.

This year, in addition to the Glow, Ignition and Electric Championships we will have a Special Events Championship.

Also, we are going to have Old Timer and Nostalgia glider events.

Bob Galler and Larry Jolly plan to have glider events all week. Gliders will be in two different groups—True Old Timers 1951 and older, and Woody Sailplanes 1990 and older, rudder and elevator only with wood fuselage. You are welcome to bring any glider and enjoy fun flying all week. Larry Jolly is promoting old time gliders and we plan to have extra gliders available for anyone who would like to compete in the event. In the glider events we are going to allow more than one pilot to fly the same plane in the same event. This will allow for everyone to come and tryout and enjoy the old time gliders. Electric Woody gliders are also welcome. See the Woodie Glider Rules Here.

At the end of the week we will have a championship plaque for the highest scoring contestant. Winches and high starts will be provided. Any additional information or questions, please contact Bob Galler or Larry Jolly at the email listed at the bottom of the page.

Happy 50 th Anniversary SAM members! We hope this will encourage the membership to participate in the week long activities.

The HQ Hotel is the family owned Muncie Super 8 3601 W. Fox Ridge Lane, Muncie, IN 46304 (765) 286-4333 and be sure to ask for SAM Rates: $55 single and $60 double.



Contest Manager - Tom Boice
Free Flight CD - Ted Firster
RC CD - Glen Poole
Concours & Gliders - Bob Galler
Registrar - Dave Harding
Glider CD - Larry Jolly
Engine Raffle - Ron Boots
Social Media - Tom Ryan


Tom Boice, SAM Champs Contest Manager

Here is the Social and Indoors Schedule.


Sunday 23 rd Registration, Contestant Pack Pickup and Social McCullough

Room open 3-8pm at AMA Museum.

Light food and snacks provided 3-8

Monday 24 th McCullough Room open 5pm-8pm Soup Night light food provided

Social and food 5-8 pm

Tuesday 25 th BEAN FEED!

McCullough Room open 5pm-8pm

Dinner at 6pm-7pm Pulled pork, beef brisket, sides provided

Museum open 6-7pm Members Meeting 7pm

Wednesday 26 th McCullough Room open 5-9pm

Concourse, Engine Raffle, Swap Meet

Museum open 5-8pm Pizza provided 5-6:30pm

Thursday 27 th Flying Aces SAM Rubber Mass Launches At Flying Aces site after Thursday’s flying.

Members Free Night no meal provided

Friday 28 th Awards Banquet At Delaware Country Club

Cash Bar 6-9 Dinner 7pm and awards til 9pm